"Because I like to use saturated colour I find myself drawn to sunny places. Currently my 3 favourites are Tuscany, rural Spain and Los Angeles.

During the past few years I have been visiting northern Tuscany where friends of mine live inland and on the coast. The hills there have a wonderful translucent light with layers of colour as trees and plants pattern the slopes. On the Italian Riviera I particularly love the long shadows at the end of the day or even better at the end of season when there is a haunting surreal quality.

Rural Spain especially northern Majorca is where I go to find the haphazard, whether it be buildings, plants or boats. Its slow pace of life feeds my soul.

By contrast, I adore the pace and modernity of Los Angeles. My first experience of it was being driven from the airport in an open top car on a warm night as the moon rose over spiring buildings and lush palms. Here it is light and dark, high and low, space and crush, hard and soft."